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About Us

In a fascinating noble palace between the urban walls of the city of Lecce, CHARLESTON was born.
The dwelling, completely restaured, stands over preexisting buldings of the first half of '900 and comprises rooms with wide "volte" and original prestigious furnitures. Some of the rooms have bathtub SPA for two persons, all have smart tv, balcony or patio with external tables and chairs. For all guest is available a private internal parking slot, reserved for each room. The dwelling is located in the Lecce's hearts and let to reach with few foot steps the historical center and the "movida" street full of shops and restaurants.
The monumental prospect with Corinzi's columns in Lecce's stones, realized by fine stonemasons masters, the gate and the big stairs of the famoust Salentino artist D'Andrea, as like as the Luigi Filippo and Carlo X's original furniture together with the uncountables objects of the Palmieri Fasmily's private art collection will capture you and it will let you fell like in a without time tale.


The palace history

Charleston was build in the beginning of 1900 by Nicola De giorgi, brave and ingenious man and rappresentative of the first "salentina industrialization", and this building is the typical exeample of the prestige and elegance of that times. Subsequently, the Villa, became a the Marti's foundation place and for many years had been an high school.

Today the ides is to restore the past house splendor and to give to the tourists and visitors the opportunity to live the suggestions of the place.

The Palmieri foundation

Few meters from the Villa, still in the historical center, it is possible to visit the San Sebastiano Church, today the Palmieri Onlus Foundation site.

Most of the Villa decoratives elements are inspired by the Foundation cultural heritage aiming to spread and to promote the Salento culture in the world.



Inside the structure there is a private parking, each room has the associated place.

   Internet WIFI

Entire structure is covered by a wi-fi network in all environments.


Each room is equipped with satellite TV.


The property offers a breakfast room with kitchen to enjoy a quiet breakfast.


A small pool - fountain at the entrance to the villa can be used by guests during the summer for free.


Finnish sauna with a maximum capacity of 6 persons.


All rooms are completely air-conditioned.

Please note that occasionally may be held private parties with musical entertainment.


1) Roman amphitheater;
2) Piazza Duomo;
3) S.Castromediano Museum;
4) Faggiano Museum;
5) Carlo V Castle;
6) Train station;
7) Palmieri Foundation;
8) Basilica di S.Croce;


How to get here:
For those coming by train, the train station is very close (five-minutes walk). The excellent location allows you to reach in a few minutes all major points of interest in the city such as Sigismondo Castromediano museum, Faggiano museum, train station, the University of Lecce, Carlo V castle, Roman amphitheater, Piazza Duomo and Piazza S.Oronzo.

Viale Francesco Lo Re, 93 - 73100 LECCE (Le) Coordinate: 40.348480, 18.172221 +39 333 663 2679 +39 389 845 9614